Saturday, December 29, 2007

Allow me to introduce...myself...

So this is my first posting for Small Biz Tech Advantage (pat on my own back), which I'm sure will catapult me into near-stardom within months! No, I'm not expecting that. I do want to share my thoughts on small business technology issues, though. With over 50% of our GDP coming from the small business sector, it is amazing how much these companies vary in the choices they make for their I.T. infrastructure, support providors, long term planning, and budgeting. I help these companies solve problems of that nature in my "day job", where I work with Northridge Systems ( as Business Development Director for the IT management part of the company. I enjoy working with decision makers and giving them what advice I can to help them make the right decisions. This dosn't mean they always choose me to help them, and sometimes I recommend someone else. Sometimes I run away in terror!

Anyway, the goal of the blog is to discuss topics that concern small businesses IT. This includes everything from website development and search engine optimization to establishing a reliable backup process. I'll try to stay on the strategic level. I do get tactical in some ways and can be pretty techinical if I need to be, but I'm a business guy, not an engineer. An important idea that will always be my foundation is that good IT systems help small businesses achieve competetive advantage. Those I speak to daily about these types of issues need that type of advice, not just tech specs of what they should buy.

Look for my postings to address IT issues that typical small business CEO's or VP Operations struggle with on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing my ideas, but most importantly learning from others so that my postings can bring more value.

James Farquharson

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